maandag 12 december 2011

LeWeb11: where flowing creativity meets hardcore knowledge

Creativity is more important than knowledge.
- Albert Einstein

It was such an inspiring conference #leweb11 last week in Paris! I just went to see the best examples of the internet: webbased, apps, etc. The grand overall theme was social, local and mobile. Taking the net to the next level....
But what I really loved was plunging into a new world, now and in the near future and hearing so many inspiring entrepreneurs!

My favourites- with a personal touch- I just listed here:

Karl Lagerfeld: 'Have your eyes wide open, get well informed, be curious, adapt to the world and decide what you do with it'' (love this Franglish!)
''“Personally, I don’t promote anything at all. I’m just being me.”

Since last week one of my biggest Idols is Karl Lagerfeld, such a cool, creative and progressive 78year old fashion designer, watch the interview here:

More techie news by Eric Schmidt- CEO Google
Eric Schmidt: "Silicon valley needs competition, Europe's future growth depends on the internet. Get your act together"
'' Internet is like an image: governments should not shut it down, if you don't like the mirror don't break it''

Just completely fell head over heels in love with this nice, smart guy Daniel Ek, co-founder and CEO Spotify. He just gives the best advice on entrepreneurship! It's quite a lot (30 mins) but worth it!

Daniel Ek: ''Keep on learning and pick a smart + nice team: think of yourself of an editor when you have your own company'
''If people love your product, they recommend it to others- no complex marketing''

And found out about this- nice examples of combining art, sales, commercial companies:
YellowKorner- sales top photography in the FNAC (is kind of a Media Markt in France)
Curioos- taking digital art form the web to your wall
And this one - I already knew- but must be on this list: Saatchi Online

For a smooth, nice update on the internet and its future, check the Forrester presentation:

And I loved the Virtual magician! Taking the magic digital....inspiring for other (art) disciplines

And hey...a party at The Louvre was not bad at all!! With DJ's and the Ting Tings... That's not my name :-)

For Dutch people read this nice article by Volkskrant journalist Heleen van Lier which captures Le Web perfectly.

Thanks so much for following our -sometimes hysteric tweets- on @femkeh and @museumlab filling up your timeline this last week on LeWeb! See you next year?

donderdag 1 december 2011

museumLAB staat in de! #leukedingenvoorleukemensen

foto Peter de Krom

'Leuke dingen maken voor leuke mensen, dat is wat we doen.'
Afgelopen woensdag 30 november stonden Willemijn van Drunen ik in de nrc*next in de rubriek de Geboren Ondernemer! Als dochters van een schoenenfabrikant en een assurantietussenpersoon vermengd met een fijne omgeving op ons bedrijf museumLAB HQ vermengd met een flink toef Kunsthalervaring, moesten we natuurlijk wel in die rubriek komen! Joehoe!