maandag 2 september 2013

Watou Art Festival- about ever changing love #Belgium

Last weekend I visited the lovely small village of Watou in the South West of Belgium. They have such a nice art and poetry festival about ever changing love, the Watou Art Festival.... If you get the chance visit them next year with or without your love! Lot's of themes to discuss...
 I posted some pictures to give you an impression.
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Beware: most of the texts are in Dutch at the festival!

 At the entrance we were warmly welcomed by the volunteers of the festival

 Voulez-vous dansez avec moi- by Klaas Gubbels (and yes we could dance just beside the work!)

In every booth a poem- just for you- read by the poet

 Just love Bart Moeyaert

 Surprise- On a bench someone left a little note for us...

The text labels were somewhat low...but hey, that didn't spoil the fun :-)

Bye Watou, see you next year?